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Professional Registered Counsellor

Personal Summary

My professional and personal vision is to see my clients recover and heal from their issues or difficulties and become the persons that they desire as I journey with them. I attend to my clients with diligence and conscientiousness during their trying experiences. I am able to engage them in a safe and therapeutic rapport due to my ability to empathise with them during treatment and therapy. My clients feel comfortable to be open and authentic with me when I listen to them with kindness and compassion.

I use intuitive listening to resonate with the different threads of their narratives. My personal attributes integrated with my professional training and qualifications render me highly capable of helping clients deal with a wide variety of issues and difficulties. I am described by my clients as very empathetic, compassionate, caring and kind. They see me as patient, calm and intuitive. My mature attitude and personality also helps them feel safe and grounded as I help them through their issues toward better well-being. I have a positive regard of my clients and adopt a person-centred understanding of them. Read what my clients have to say.

My integrated professional approach using different counselling modalities serves well to deal with complex issues. This enables me to be flexible and agile to support my clients in their individual and couple journeys. I thank my clients for teaching me all that they have shared with me. This has caused me to remain committed and true to my calling as a counsellor and therapist. My years of experience with them have taught me that they are one of my best teachers. I continually hope to be a source of help to my clients to bring peaceful change, relief, recovery, healing, health and growth to them.

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