Professional Registered Counsellor

Areas of Expertise

  • Clinical counselling of individuals and couples from different age groups for various issues.
  • Marital or divorce issues, financial or other difficulties that impact relationships, sexual issues in relationships or conflicts with family members or in-laws.
  • Parenting difficulties and issues.
  • Depression, distress, anxiety, negative thoughts or hopelessness.
  • Emotional disconnections in relationships and relational distress.
  • Grief and loss difficulties.
  • Interpersonal matters and behavioral issues that impact self-esteem and interactions with others at the work place and with family, relatives and friends.
  • Identity search, understanding family of origin issues that result in difficult life experiences, attaining individuality and differentiation from deep-rooted unresolved issues,
  • Dealing with feelings of low self-confidence or self-loath.
  • Trauma that impact the sense of self and creates fear, guilt, shame and other negative emotional cycles.
  • Sexual abuse trauma and issues related to the abuse.
  • Work and vocational counselling.
  • Motivational counselling for professional development.
  • Brief therapy to address immediate difficulties. This is usually followed by open-ended counselling for deep healing and recovery from long-term challenges.

Professional Therapeutic Modalities

  • Use of integrated counselling modalities including sand play therapy

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