Who can be helped?

Peaceful Change Counselling provides counsel and therapy when you feel distressed and need to seek help to address a specific problem. Help can also be sought if you aim to gain more confidence to deal with difficult life situations, even though you may not be in a crisis. You can also use therapy to learn to focus on your goals with greater clarity and discover that positive change can happen with counselling assistance.

How will sessions be carried out?

Audrey Yeo will explain to you what can be expected in regular sessions to address your concerns. Regular sessions are usually recommended for each case depending on its context or complexity. It is advisable for you to commit to recommended regular sessions as this provides you and your therapist with a safe and contained space to work consistently on your concerns until they are improved and alleviated. Read about the types of sessions you can expect and the fee structure and policy.

What is Counselling ?

Peaceful Change Counselling provides professional assistance to resolve individual and couple conflicts and emotional issues. It is a process that encourages you to feel free to talk about your concerns in a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment. You can express your feelings and thoughts without fear of rejection. You will receive support, acceptance and encouragement to work through your difficulties and concerns. Read Audrey’s professional and educational qualifications here.

Counselling and Therapy at Peaceful Change Counselling

Audrey Yeo has a track record of helping her clients gain emotional and psychological wellbeing. She has helped many clients to be empowered in various areas of their lives. Call (+65-913-89680) or Email Audrey to book an appointment to discover this for yourself and find out how having regular face-to-face counselling and therapy sessions can be therapeutic and life-changing for you. You are welcomed to consult Audrey and be well supported. Your views will be respected. Read about Audrey’s areas of expertise.

Why Individual and Couple Therapy?

Peaceful Change Counselling works with individuals and couples of varying age groups from different multicultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. You can come in for sessions alone or with a partner or family member. This first step can help you find answers to your concerns and issues. Some clients also look for building self-confidence or want to be motivated to find a way through issues and difficulties. Adolescents and youths can be helped in their psychosocial developmental journeys and challenges. Couples may hope to improve their relationship or even to prepare for marriage. Some others look to finding resolutions to conflicts. Parenting issues can also be managed and improved when you talk about your worries and concerns for your loved ones. Divorce related emotional difficulties and other conflicts can be managed for better outcomes. You will also learn self-care strategies to cope with what you are going through. To make an appointment, complete the contact form here.