I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Ms Audrey Yeo. I have known Audrey over a period of more than six years during which she was my student undergoing training in Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling under the University of Wales, the Master of Arts in Counseling program at TCA College and then later as a Counselor with the Centre for Counseling, which is operated under TCA College. I was also her Clinical Supervisor for the previous two years. I am still her Clinical Supervisor.

Having known Audrey Yeo for over the past six years, I have found her to be honest, hardworking, and a courteous person. As a counselor I have found her to be thorough in her assessments, case formulation, treatment planning and professional in her execution of the various modalities to engage with her clients. She is conscientious and reliable in her clinical work and is consistently passionate of her counseling work with each client.

Audrey is a passionate individual, counselor, facilitator, and an ardent student. She is clear in her desire to help and engage with people who are disadvantaged, people who may be inflicted with a crisis, trauma and or with complex intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship issues. She reads widely and consistently and does not shirk from learning and equipping herself with helpful skills and knowledge in order to help her clients. I believe she will give of her best in her practice and whatever else she sets her heart upon.

Audrey has demonstrated herself as a diligent and meticulous professional not only in her studies but also in her casework with clients. She handled her administrative responsibilities diligently, her relationships with other counselors and staff professionally and her client case work respectfully.

Sam Kuna